About & Information

Overview of Vivid Rhythm Dance:
Vivid Rhythm Dance is committed to providing high-quality dance instruction in a positive, nurturing, and enthusiastic environment.
Through the study of dance, students develop physically, mentally, and socially.
We encourage our students to become technically proficient and at the same time inspire them to be creative artists, critical thinkers, and leaders.

Mission Statement and Values
Our mission is to instil a great love of dance while inspiring self-confidence, discipline and respect of the performing arts.
Our goal is for each student to experience the elements of dance: Confidence, Coordination, Creativity, Grace, Musicality, Rhythm, Self-Esteem, Technique, and all while having FUN!

Class Information

We offer a variety of classes including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Muscial Theatre, Contemporary, and AcroDance. Each class is designed to challenge students according to their level of ability.

Term 1 (11 Weeks)

Monday 29 Jan- Friday 12 April

Non-Dance Days
Tuesday 6 February- Waitangi Day
Monday 11 March – Taranaki Anniversary
Friday 29 March – Good Friday
Monday 1 April – Easter Monday


General Information & Logistics

Studio Conduct

• All students are expected to show up on time for class each week with appropriate attire.

• All students and their parents or caregivers must always be respectful towards teachers and fellow students, whether on Vivid Rhythm premises or during any events. Should any concerns or issues arise, we urge you to bring them to our attention without delay. We will promptly address any inappropriate behaviour, which may result in removing students from the class if necessary.

• Vivid Rhythm Dance and the instructors are not liable for any personal injuries or loss/damage to personal property.

• Students can bring snacks between classes, but please ensure they tidy up afterwards. No food or chewing gum is allowed in class. Students have access to water and should bring a drink bottle to every class. Spare water bottles may be available in the waiting room and can be taken home or returned under the water container.

• Students use a waiting room before, after and between classes. This space is a privilege for our students to access, and we reserve the right to revoke this privilege if the space is not respected.

• Any damage done to Vivid Rhythm property will be the individual’s financial responsibility. You will be required to pay for any repairs due to the incident.

• Cell phones must be on silent.

All syllabus classes are taught with the intention of all students sitting exams, however, it is at the discretion of both their teacher and parents.
Students will be sitting exams in June-August (Dates TBC).


Parking & Entrance

At this stage, vehicles may park beside the hall. Please drive carefully and keep an eye out for students. Some days, you may get asked to park on the roadside for property maintenance or if the weather has been too wet.
Please drive carefully with an eye out for students.

The entrance to Vivid Rhythm Dance is via the side door on the right. The entrance is not wheelchair or push-chair friendly; however, if such an entrance is required, please let us know in advance, and we can make the front door accessible.


Class Viewing

• We ask that parents/caregivers do not come into the studio to watch classes. You are welcome to use the waiting room and its resources; we just ask that it be left tidy.

• Parents of new students are allowed to observe their child’s initial class/es until they feel comfortable. We ask that pre-schoolers parents remain on site in case they are required.

• We will hold a ‘Watching Week’ each term for class viewing. We encourage caregivers to view the classes, as you can assist your child at home with practice.



• If you are not yet a fan, check out our Facebook page Vivid Rhythm Facebook page
It is a great way to keep up on what is happening at the studio; we also have a private studio page V/Rhy Whanau where information for current students, including notices, timetables, photos, workshops, stretching and strengthening ideas, are kept


Class Attire & Grooming

• At Vivid Rhythm, we understand life is busy, but we would like to reinforce the level of grooming we expect in the dance school. For all classes, hair is to be off the students’ faces. Tidy fringes are acceptable. For Ballet classes, we ask all students to have their hair in a secure bun with wispy parts clipped back.

• All students must wear appropriate dance clothing. Uniforms/guidelines will be released and updated over Term 1. Shorts/leggings are recommended. No fancy dresses or skirts below the knee. No baggy clothing in AcroDance

• Appropriate dance shoes must be worn for all classes, no dancing in socks.

• Students are expected to have uniform requirements before the beginning of Term 2.

• Being well-groomed gives students a sense of occasion and pride in themselves.


Hall or Resource Hiring

• Although the studio will be gradually upgraded and resourced, we are open to hiring it out to families connected to our dance school. Please get in contact with us for availability and more information.

• We have costumes, props, tea sets, backups, a balloon ring stand, an electric balloon pump, and other resources that may be hired or borrowed for koha/donation. Please feel free to send an inquiry.


Getting Involved

Over the year, you have many opportunities to get involved, from helping set up fundraising events, painting props, helping run backstage, etc.

Please email us to register your interest and/or skillset.

Thank you in advance!