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Welcome to Vivid Rhythm Dance School | Taranaki, Where Passion Meets Performance. Discover the vibrant world of dance in our dance school.
From Hip Hop to Ballet, Jazz to Contemporary, and our unique On Repeat and Encore Theatre classes. We offer a spectrum of styles to suit your rhythm and ambition.
Unleash your inner urban performer through our comprehensive Hip Hop syllabus Urban Ignition.
If you’re seeking to refine the elegance of your movements. Try our ground-breaking La Beauté Ballet syllabus. Our classes provide solid technical, and performance training. And the platform to create, achieve, and grow as a dancer and an artist.
Worried about maintaining fitness while dancing? Our Fitness/Technique/Conditioning classes have you covered!
Also, the thrill of Acro Dance awaits to blend the smoothness of dance with the agility of acrobatics. And if you’ve ever dreamed of dancing like your favourite celebrities.
Our unique ‘On Repeat’ class will help you learn those signature moves and routines.
All experience levels are welcome!
Classes run throughout the week at various times to fit your schedule. And we offer competitive pricing per term with an easy registration process.
So, take that step towards fulfilling your dance aspirations with us today!
Have any queries? We’re here to help.
Get ready to immerse yourself in a community that shares your love for dance.
Vivid Rhythm Dance School.
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